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Pre-Qualification Application 
The AMS Solution is as Easy as 1. 2. 3. 

1. Fill out the loan application and return it to AMS VIA Fax to: 800.476.2479 or email to 
2. We review each application individually to to find the best program to suit your needs. We search over 50 Programs 
3. Receive a personalized quote within 24 hours via email / NO CREDIT CHECK / NO UPFRONT FEES 

We currently have over 50 programs and counting to insure you get the best rate and term in the market !

Our commitment to you is to present you with the best option within 24 hrs. We will email you a quote, giving you the time to sit down and review the options we have presented with your family One of our specialist will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have at that time. Once you decide if we are the right solution for you and your family then you will verbally authorize a credit pull. 

If you have questions after you receive your quote you can always call our team at 888.788.6394 

Since we are not pulling credit it is of no impact to you. That being said each individual is unique so we cannot give out / quotes or estimates over the phone or without a completed loan form. 

If you are not sure of your credit scores then you may obtain them here: Click Here 

Unsecured (No Equity Required) 4.99% - 8.99% 
Secured (Using Real Estate) 3.25% - 6.25% 

Quick F.A.Q’S 
Who is AMS Financial? 
Serving over 25,000 home improvement contractor/dealer partners and over 100,000 consumers direct since 2004. We wrote the book on Home improvement finance AMS Financial staff is often featured as industry experts in Replacement Contractor Magazine , Aqua Magazine , Pool & Spa News to name a few. 
Why does AMS not pull Credit Initially? 
AMS knows that in the current credit environment most consumers monitor their own credit, so we do not pull credit initially; we ask you for your credit score. This plus your liabilities allows us to give you a realistic idea of what products that fit before having your credit pulled. Most loans are based on other factors along with credit. We at AMS believe that a good loan officer understands underwriting and market conditions and can provide our clients with a realistic idea of rate and payment initially without pulling credit based on the weight of the information provided. We give our clients a "Free Look" at what we can do for you, with no commitment. It prevents the client from being misled and allows them to make an informative decision based on facts. 
What is the minimum Credit Score? 
Our minimum credit score requirement is 640 for the programs that we offer. If you don’t meet that requirement you may use our Sister Site: 
What is the Max Loan Amount? 
150K Unsecured 
What if I have a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Judgment? 
If your fall into one of these categories and this has occurred after 2003 you would be immediately disqualified for the Program You can go to our sister site that has more lenient terms for previous bankruptcy.

To Pre-Qualify click here!

Loans Available in all 50 States The Loan Funds/Check is Always Made out to You We Work with any Contractor/Dealer 
Submission Instructions Return to: or Fax to: 800.476.2479 ATTN: Stewart Important: If faxing please notify so that you may receive notification of application received Thank You – You will receive a Quote VIA Email within 24 Hours